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ZH60 Automatic Cartoning Machine
Capability and Characteristic:
1. Main machine adopts mechanical drive of cam and crank connecting link, and working of each functional part is in harmony, stable and reliable.
2. Single motor driving, Variable frequency speed regulation, PLC automatic control, Operating on touch screen, words and numeric display, automatic counting, easy to operate, stable in operation.
3. Photoelectric detection and monitoring system to realize overload protection, words indication of failure diagnosis, and automatic halt of failure.
4. Switching of manual and automatic operation of machine.
5. In a specified range, realizes carton packaging of various specifications without replacing parts.

Main Function:
Automatic folding (1~4 folding)and conveying of manual leaflet, automatic material categorizing and feeding; automatic paper carton spreading, automatic manual leaflet and material carton packaging, synchronous (3-row)  batch number printing, automatic paper carton sealing, automatic waster eliminating.
Main Configuration: Products of national and international famous brands are preferred.
Applicable Object:
Al-plastics blister medicine cards, injection tray, bottles, ointments, rectangular or pill articles.

Main Technical Specifications:
Output 40~80 cartons/min(related with materials of carton packaging )  
Finished product rate ≥99%
Eliminating rate of waste 100%
Working noise ≤80dB(A)
Overall Dimensions 1700×1060×1600 mm
Weight 800kg
Paper carton size(L*W*H) (70~125)×(40~78)×(15~30)mm
Material 250~350 g/m2
Manual leaflet size(L*W) 折前before folding:(100~250)×(100~150)mm
折后after folding:(100~150)×(20~40)mm
Material 50~70 g/m2
Clean compressed air 压力0.5~0.8Mp
Air consumption(Air compressor) >0.2 m3/ min
Power consumption 380V ,50Hz ,1kw  (与包装对象有关related with packaging article)
Vacuum source degree of vacuum-0.09Mpa


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