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DPB420 Flat-plate Soft/Hard Plastic Blister Packer
It is successful to develop the latest soft plastic packing machine in china by our factory and widely used the packing of medical apparatus(syringe needle, injector), chinese and western medicine, electron component, chemical product, food as well as sensitive anti-pollution materials. It can synchronously finish the full processing of heating in metching for PVC strip, negative pressure and positive pressure to form simultaneously, filling, plate net-pattern sealing, batch number printed, vertical and cross cutting and transfer the final product. this machine adapts PLC programmable controller, touch screen(man-machine surface)to operate, is a high automaticity machine-motor incorporated machine.
1.setpping or servo motor with chain to be traction device, adjustable stroke.
2.Equip with cursor device to ensure the packing pattern locate well and truly.
3.The position of printing and slitting could be adjust freely.
4.Mould located by male pin, convenience of changing mould. Note: It could be equipped
with printing device with cursor.

Main Technical Data:
Package scope Suitable for package of many sensitive anti-pollution materials and medical apparatus and instruments, Chinese and western medicine, electron, chemical product and foodstuff.
6-16 (1) 20 syringe needles/time (2)1ml 11 injectors/time, 2.5ml 10 injectors/time,5ml 9 injectors/time, 10ml 8 injectors/time
Packing Frequency 6-16 times / min
Package Materials Paper-plastic, Aluminum-plastic, Plastic-plastic and other Compound Film suitable for heat sealing(or the hard plastic less than 0.2mm ), width of upper film is 400mm and the lower is 420mm .
Maximum inner dimension(mm) 375*154* 50mm (L*W*D)  
Out Dimensions 5000*980* 1860mm (L*W*H)
Power(kw) 9.5kw
Weight(kg) 1700kg 


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