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GZP series Intelligent Rotary Tablet Press

Product Application

GZP series intelligent rotary tablet press provides new design principle, which makes standardization, modularity and series design come true. The characteristic of machine is high-precision, sub high-speed and automation.

It is the best choice for high output and large batch production

II. Features
Design of GMP
High quality all stainless steel construction
Special oil-proof﹠dust-proof sealing system
Reliable safety sealing system and dust-proof system
High visibility isolated door to prevent cross contamination
Easily remove and install parts for quick machine’s maintenance
360°design for easy observation and cleaning


Model GZP-17 GZP-22 GZP-26
Number of Station 17 22 26
Single Sided Single Sided Single Sided Single Sided
Max. Revolution (RPM) -Empty Load 77 77 77
Max. Revolution (RPM) Standard
 Round Tablet
65 65 70
Min. Revolution (RPM) ≦10 ≦10 ≦10
Max. Output (tablets\h) 78500 101600 120100
Capacity (tablets/h)--shaped tablet 56000 72000 88000
Max. Tablet Diameter (mm) 22 16 12
Max. Filling Depth (mm) 16 16 16
Max. Tablet Thickness (mm) 8 8 8
Max. Compression Force 100 100 100
Max. Pre-compression Force (kN) 16 16 16
Feed mechanism Forced feeding Forced feeding Forced feeding
Main Motor Power(kW) 5.5 4 4
Power requirement 380V, 50HZ, 3P 380V, 50HZ, 3P 380V, 50HZ, 3P
Overall Dimension <L×W×H> (mm) 600 *700 *1800 600 * 700 *1800 600 * 700 *1800
Weight (Kg) 1200 1150 1150

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