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ZP10 Rotary Tablet Press
Product Detail:
This machine is a compact, intelligent rotary tablet press, suitable for the small-size production of tablets in the medicine R&D center and laboratories in the pharmaceutical industry.

1. Single-pressing type, outputting tablets from one side. uses IPT punch dies, Capable of pressing the particle raw material into circular tablets and odd shaped tablets of various sizes.
2.It has double-pressing function, i.e., pre-pressing and main-pressing, the tablet quality will be improved.
3.The lower plunger of punch die on the working table is equipped with dust guard, to avoid punch suspension, facilitating the prolongation of service life of lower guide.
4.Utilize the variable frequency stepless speed control device, easy to operate, safe and reliable.
5.Utilize the PLC and touch screen, capable of displaying and setting various parameters conveniently and intuitively.
6.Digital displayed RPM of working table, tablet pressing force, filling depth, pre-pressing tablet thickness, main-pressing tablet thickness and throughput.
7.Sound main drive design, excellent drive stability, long service life
8.Equipped with overload protection device. The machine can shut down automatically when the overpressure happens. Additionally. Overpressure protection, emergency stop device, forced ventilation and cooling device.
9.The enclosing shield is fully enclosed, made of stainless steel. The internal table surface is made of stainless steel. All parts contacting medicine are made of stainless steel material or surface treated, free of toxicity, corrosion resistant.
10. The rotary table surface is treated specially, capable of keeping the surface finish and avoiding the cross pollution, compliant with GMP requirements.
11.The four sides of tablet pressing chamber are made of transparent organic glass, and openable completely, easy to clean the inside and maintain.
12.This machine can be equipped with the forced feeder according to the customer's requirement.
Main Technical Specifications:
Type ZP23 ZP21 ZP17 ZP14 ZP10 ZP8
Station (sets) 23 21 17 14 10 8
Max.main pressure (kn) 40 60
Max pre-pressure (kn) 10
Max tablet Dia .(mm) 11 13 18 22
Max.tablet thickness .(mm) 8
Turn speed (r/min) 8-30 8-20
Dia..of punch (mm) 22 24 30.16 38.1
Capacity (pcs/h) 11000-
Overall size (mm) 710*700*1680(L*W*H)
Weight (kg) 500
Power (kw) 2.2


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