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ZPW37/41 Rotary Tablet Press
1. Outer shell is fully enclosed, cover all using stainless steel material. Pressing chamber and between
2. Pressing chamber and between upper and lower orbit and mechanical transmission parts with stainless steel airtight separation. And take the lead in the trial semi-automatic lubrication device, low noise, less wear and tear, the rotary table top first is equipped with organic glass dust cover.
3. Rotary table surface is treated specially, capable of keeping the surface finish and avoiding the cross pollution, compliant with GMP requirements.
4. Utilize the variable frequency control, all electrical control of work station, easy operation and stable.
5. Exploration-system with overload protection, fault indication and emergency brake is conducive to maintenance personnel to troubleshoot and parts are not damaged, consistent electrical integration requirements.
6. The handwheel adjustment (thickness, pressure, filling) adopts novel perspective scale, easy observation and operation.
7. This model design is reasonable, the pressure is stable, reliable structure.
II. Main Technical Specifications:

Type ZPW37/41
Station (sets) 37/41Sets
Max. pressure (KN) 80KN
Max. Dia. Of Tablet (mm) 13mm
Max. depth of filling (mm) 15mm
Max. Thickness of Tablet (mm) 6mm
Turn speed (r/min) 14-37r/min
Capacity (pcs/h) 160000pcs/h/175000pcs/h
Power (kw) 4KW.1440r/min.380V.50Hz
Overall size (mm) 980×1240×1690mm
Net weight (kg) 1850kg


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