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ZLG Series Vibrating Fluid Bed Drier
ZLG Series Rectilinear Vibrating Fluid Bed Drier is suitablity in chemical industry,light industry, pharmaceutical, food, plastic, oil, slang, salt, sugarand so on, for drying, cooling and weting.

 1.The vibration is created by motorl is stable in operation and convenient in maintenance, low   noise and long life.
 2.High effection, raw material is heates evenly and heated evenly and heat exdhange is fully used and dry capacity is high. Compared with ordinary drier, the energy can be saved about 30%.
 3.It is good in regulation and wide in suitablity. Tje thickness of raw material layer and movable speed inside the maching and the amolitude can be adjusted through continous variable speed.
 4.It is small for danaging the are surface of raw material. The equipment can be used for drying raw materials that are easy broken. The drying effect can not affected even if raw materials have anomaly shape.
 5.A fully enclosed structure, effectively prevent the material and the air space between the cross infection of the working environment clean.
 6.You can string multi-set to raised capacity of raw materials, such as polyacrylamide.

Technical Data
Model Fluidized bed area m2 Temperature °C Capacity of vaporize moisture Kg/h Vibration motor
air in air out Model Power(Kw)
ZLG3×0.30 0.9 70
20~35 NYS8-6 0.75×2
ZLG4.5×0.30 1.35 35~50 NYS10-6 0.75×2
ZLG4.5×0.45 2.025 50~70 NYS15-6 1.1×2
ZLG4.5×0.60 2.7 70~90 YZS15-6 1.1×2
ZLG6×0.45 2.7 80~100 NYS15-6 1.1×2
ZLG6×0.60 3.6 100~130 NYS20-6 1.5×2
ZLG6×0.75 4.5 120~170 NYS20-6 2.5×2
ZLG6×0.90 5.4 140~170 NYS30-6 2.2×2
ZLG7.5×6.0 4.5 130~150 NYS30-6 2.2×2
ZLG7.5×0.75 5.625 150~180 NYS40-6 3.0×2
ZLG7.5×0.9 6.75 160~210 NYS-6 3.0×2
ZLG7.5×1.2 9 200~280 NYS50-6 3.7×2
ZLG7.5×1.5 11.25 230~330 NYS50-6 3.7×2
ZLG8×1.8 14.4 290~420 NYS75-6 5.5×2

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